Deb Kemp

Deb Kemp

503-321-2000 Office
212-464-7931 Mobile

At age five, Deb begged to skip school to join her “mum” (she’s a Kiwi) at the local farmer’s market! That’s ambition. While her mum sold plants, Deb drew elaborate pictures which she sold for big money (enough to immediately buy a piece of carrot cake at least) and she’s been perfecting the art of the deal ever since. A 25-year veteran in sales and marketing, Deb has successfully helped scores of clients buy and sell homes. Deb was a Windermere Top Agent in ‘17, ’18, ’19, and has been a Zillow 5-Star rated agent for many years. Deb was recently named “magician agent” by one of her clients. When not making magic selling homes Deb is busy with her partner supporting philanthropic projects including running QDoc film festival. Deb also LOVES to travel, and will joyfully hit Forest Park for a trail run or hike. Take her up on it!


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