Phuong Hart

Phuong Hart

503-321-2000 Office
503-449-4904 Mobile

Phuong Hart’s name is her virtue. She lives and breathes from her heart and there are no limits to who and how many people in her world she relates to. Her home is her sanctuary and with over 27 years in real estate, she will hold your hand every step of the way to help you find yours. At her core, Phuong is devoted to her family as a full on advocate for two lovely daughters and her husband. She has a passion for interior designer and embraces every holiday and change of season with the style of a pro and the sensibilities of a mom. Her clients choose her as their broker based on this wonderful big heart and the gifts of her talent. Phuong is the exceptional listener. Her empathy is enormous and she serves the needs of others in every encounter. Who better to have your back in the real estate endeavor!


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